Russia Water Treatment Systems

Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems
Our company has set up a wastewater treatment plant from the ground to work with the discovery phase of the project, to reinforced concrete works, supply and installation of equipment, plant commissioning, service and maintenance facility for the use of the form of training and meets with great care all the stages.

Qualified Domestic waste water, waste water resulting from the use of population the population. Character domestic waste waters, waste water or other waste water of the same quality in the industry by evaluating the same treatment as domestic waste is being performed.

Qualified Domestic waste water, with a lot of character because there was no difference as a result of long research found a common solution purification. Domestic waste water containing organic pollution in wastewater, treatment systems are projected for the most appropriate methods and appropriate.

Russia Pool, cooperatives, hotels, motels, campsites, public housing, lodgings, military units, campuses, farms, cottage sites, rest camps, construction sites, factories, hospitals, resorts and towns are ideal for places with low intensity, such as wastewater solutions.

Treatment System, as a result of a feasibility study and, Physical Treatment, Biological Treatment and Sludge Dewatering technologies selecting the most appropriate method specific project.

Industrial waste waters, waste waters from industrial organizations, the process is very different from the features and characteristics of the excipients used in the raw materials and features. Pollution loads are generally higher than domestic waste water with industrial waste water treatment plants is projected to be aware of with the aim of refining the most important point, and the character of the process is to identify the source of waste water in

Determined as a result of the feasibility studies for the system;

Physical Treatment
Chemical Treatment
Biological Treatment
Sludge Dewatering

Units are made using the treatment. These units and technologies of units, in various combinations according to the Treatment System Water Treatment Plant in projected form.

Structural projects, such as the application of the system under the control of our company by the customer, the staff is possible to make do with

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